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Return on investment: ROI

When we have the opportunity to share with our family, friends, and close professional colleagues the successes we have enjoyed through stock investing, they are amazed and oftentimes look at us in disbelief. The reality is that we have enjoyed tremendous success in stock trading through the trading system and stock investment strategies we have developed over time, through trial and error. Our stock trading system allows a person like you the chance to use tried and true stock market strategies that have proven successful for us for years.

Many so-called stock investing experts oftentimes offer excuses rather than true stock market strategies. If you have dealt with a stock broker or other stock market specialist, you likely have heard statements such as:

"Invest for the long term"
Usually after your portfolio is down about 50%.

"Buy and Hold Blue Chip Stocks"
Their favorite stock has fallen 90% in the past 6 months.

"The stock market has gone up on average 15% over the past 50 years"
Trying to explain why your account is down over 50% and their strategy (if you call it that) … stinks.

"Even the best funds rarely outperform the stock averages"
The fact is most do not even perform with the averages of the stock market.

"Trading is risky and only professionals should do it"
Right ... Then why do so many fail dismally at it? The key is to develop a solid stock investment strategy with a reliable trading system.

"No-one can outperform the stock market averages"
A statement really designed to make you feel better about poorly performing portfolio management adviser.

In this day and age, we don't see too many money management professionals worrying about trying to outperform the market. These investment strategy professionals are concerned with management on a good day but pay little attention to stock investing success and financial growth

· Michael Marcus: Turned a $30,000 account into over $80 million.
· Tom Baldwin: Started with $25,000 , he got to over $2 Billion.
· Ed Seykota: 250,000 % return on his account over 16 years.
· Nicolas Darvas : $25,000 into $2,25 million (in just 18 months).
· Steve Lescarbeau: He developed a Trading system that has averaged a 70% return ever year.
· Steve Cohen: He manages billions of dollars and averaged returns of 90% during the past seven years.
· Mark Minervini: Averaged 220% annual returns in the past five years.

They are real people, who not only make massive gains from the stock market but do it with millions under money management.