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The components of Russell 2000 Index

On this page you can find all the stocks that are part of Russell 2000 Index: very large page!

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Russell 2000

Instruments) DSCP
Sonosite Inc. Healthcare (Instruments) SONO
Luminex Corp Healthcare (Instruments) LMNX
Aspect MedSyst Healthcare (Instruments) ASPM
Abaxis Inc. Healthcare (Instruments) ABAX
Cephid Inc Healthcare (Instruments) CPHD
Somanetics Healthcare (Instruments) SMTS
Candela Laser Healthcare (Instruments) CLZR
Hologic Inc. Healthcare (Instruments) HOLX
HealthTrnicsSS Healthcare (Instruments) HTRN
THERMOGENESIS Healthcare (Instruments) KOOL
S F B C Int'l Healthcare (Med\Den Suply} SFCC
BioScrip Inc Healthcare (Med\Den Suply} BIOS
Align Tech Healthcare (Med\Den Suply} ALGN
Bio RefLabs Healthcare (Med\Den Suply} BRLI
Enzo Biochem Healthcare (Med\Den Suply} ENZ
Hooper Holmes Healthcare (Med\Den Suply} HH
LabOne Inc Healthcare (Med\Den Suply} LABS
Parexel Int'l Healthcare (Med\Den Suply} PRXL
Amer Hlthways Healthcare (Med\Den Suply} AMHC
Invacare Corp Healthcare (Med\Den Suply} IVC
Matria Hlth Healthcare (Med\Den Suply} MATR
HealthExtras Healthcare (Med\Den Suply} HLEX
Specialty Labs Healthcare (Med\Den Suply} SP
Albany Moleclr Healthcare (Med\Den Suply} AMRI
Alliance Imagng Healthcare (Med\Den Suply} AIQ
Young Innovatns Healthcare (Med\Den Suply} YDNT
Sybron Dntl Sp Healthcare (Med\Den Suply} SYD
PRA Int'l Healthcare (Med\Den Suply} PRAI
West Pharm. Healthcare (Med\Den Suply} WST
Amer Retirmnt Healthcare (Nursing Homes) ACR
Kindred Hltcr Healthcare (Nursing Homes) KND
VistaCare Inc Healthcare (Nursing Homes) VSTA
Genesis Hlthcr Healthcare (Nursing Homes) GHCI
Res Care Inc. Healthcare (Nursing Homes) RSCR
Beverly Ent. Healthcare (Nursing Homes) BEV
Odyssey Hlthcr Healthcare (Nursing Homes) ODSY
Sunrise AstLvg Healthcare (Nursing Homes) SRZ
Nat'l Hlthcare Healthcare (Nursing Homes) NHC
RehabCare Grp Healthcare (Outpnt\HmCare) RHB
U S PhysTherapy Healthcare (Outpnt\HmCare) USPH
AmSurg Corp Healthcare (Outpnt\HmCare) AMSG
L C A Vision Healthcare (Outpnt\HmCare) LCAV
Apria Health Healthcare (Outpnt\HmCare) AHG
Radiation Thrpy Healthcare (Outpnt\HmCare) RTSX
Horizon Health Healthcare (Outpnt\HmCare) HORC
Amedisys Inc. Healthcare (Outpnt\HmCare) AMED
Gentiva HlthSv Healthcare (Outpnt\HmCare) GTIV
Symbion Inc Healthcare (Outpnt\HmCare) SMBI
Psychtrc Sltns Healthcare (Outpnt\HmCare) PSYS
Option Care Healthcare (Outpnt\HmCare) OPTN
Paincare Hldgs Healthcare (Outpnt\HmCare) PRZ
Meridian BioSc Healthcare (Products) VIVO
Conmed Corp. Healthcare (Products) CNMD
FoxHollow Tech Healthcare (Products) FOXH
Adeza Biomedcl Healthcare (Products) ADZA
D J Orthopedcs Healthcare (Products) DJO
Serologicals Healthcare (Products) SERO
Symmetry Med Healthcare (Products) SMA
Cambrex Corp. Healthcare (Products) CBM
Bio Rad LabsA Healthcare (Products) BIO
Vital Signs Healthcare (Products) VITL
I R I S Int'l Healthcare (Products) IRIS
Kyphon Inc Healthcare (Products) KYPH
Nuvasive Inc Healthcare (Products) NUVA
Orasure Tech Healthcare (Products) OSUR
Arrow Int'l Healthcare (Products) ARRO
Conor Medsys Healthcare (Products) CONR
Immucor Inc. Healthcare (Products) BLUDE
Thoratec Labs Healthcare (Products) THOR
American MdSys Healthcare (Products) AMMD
Wilson Grtbach Healthcare (Products) GB
Encore Med Healthcare (Products) ENMC
Inverness Med Healthcare (Products) IMA
Micro Thera Healthcare (Products) MTIX
I C U Medical Healthcare (Products) ICUI
Cyberonics Healthcare (Products) CYBX
Biosite Inc Healthcare (Products) BSTE
Mentor Corp Healthcare (Products) MNT
Kensey Nash Healthcare (Products) KNSY
Wright Med Grp Healthcare (Products) WMGI
Merit MedSys Healthcare (Products) MMSI
Animas Corp Healthcare (Products) PUMP
SurModics Inc Healthcare (Products) SRDX
Angiodynamics Healthcare (Products) ANGO
Dexcom Inc Healthcare (Products) DXCM
I-Flow Corp. Healthcare (Products) IFLO
Caliper Life Healthcare (Products) CALP
Integra LifeSc Healthcare (Products) IART
Neurometrix Inc Healthcare (Products) NURO
Abiomed Inc. Healthcare (Products) ABMD
Epix Medical Healthcare (Products) EPIX
Diagnstic Prds Healthcare (Products) DP
Arthrocare Healthcare (Products) ARTC
Adv'd Neuromod Healthcare (Products) ANSI
Nat'l Presto Home (Appliances) NPK
Maytag Home (Appliances) MYG
Middleby Corp. Home (Appliances) MIDD
Turbochef Tech Home (Appliances) OVEN
Digital Theater Home (Audio\Video Prods) DTSI
Univrsl Elect Home (Audio\Video Prods) UEIC
TiVo Inc Home (Audio\Video Prods) TIVO
Kimball Int'lB Home (Furniture) KBALB
Furniture Bds Home (Furniture) FBN
Bassett Furn. Home (Furniture) BSET
Knoll Inc Home (Furniture) KNL
Hooker Furnitr Home (Furniture) HOFT
Compx Int'l Home (Furniture) CIX
La-Z-Boy Inc. Home (Furniture) LZB
Stanley Furnitr Home (Furniture) STLY
Lifetime Hoan Home (Misc Wares) LCUT
Tupperware Home (Misc Wares) TUP
Libbey Inc. Home (Misc Wares) LBY
X-Rite Inc Instruments (Measuring) XRIT
B E I Tech Instruments (Measuring) BEIQ
Faro Tech Instruments (Measuring) FARO
Keithly Instr Instruments (Measuring) KEI
Itron Inc. Instruments (Measuring) ITRI
Measurement Spc Instruments (Measuring) MEAS
Lecroy Corp. Instruments (Measuring) LCRY
A D E Corp Instruments (Measuring) ADEX
Varian Inc Instruments (Scientific) VARI
Veeco Instrmn Instruments (Scientific) VECO
Dionex Corp. Instruments (Scientific) DNEXE
Newport Corp Instruments (Scientific) NEWP
F E I Co. Instruments (Scientific) FEIC
Cognex Corp Instruments (Scientific) CGNX
M T S Systems Instruments (Scientific) MTSC
Photon Dynamic Instruments (Scientific) PHTN
U I C I Insurance (Acc\Health) UCI
Ceres Grp Inc Insurance (Acc\Health) CERG
U S I Hldgs Cp Insurance (Brokers) USIH
Hilb RogalHobb Insurance (Brokers) HRH
Citizens Inc Insurance (Life) CIA
KMG America Insurance (Life) KMA
Phoenix Co Insurance (Life) PNX
Great Amer Finl Insurance (Life) GFR
Kansas City Lf Insurance (Life) KCLI
Amer EqtyInvLf Insurance (Life) AEL
F B L Fin'l Insurance (Life) FFG
Nat'l WstLife Insurance (Life) NWLIA
Indepndnce Hldg Insurance (Life) IHC
Univsl Amer. Insurance (Life) UHCO
Delphi Fin'l Insurance (Life) DFG
Presidntl Life Insurance (Life) PLFE
Alfa Corp Insurance (Prop\Casualty) ALFA
Donegal Grp A Insurance (Prop\Casualty) DGICA
Bristol W Hldgs Insurance (Prop\Casualty) BRW
Infinity Pty&Cs Insurance (Prop\Casualty) IPCC
Selective Ins Insurance (Prop\Casualty) SIGI
Baldwin & LynsB Insurance (Prop\Casualty) BWINB
American Physcn Insurance (Prop\Casualty) ACAP
F P I C Insur Insurance (Prop\Casualty) FPIC
Tower Group Inc Insurance (Prop\Casualty) TWGP
First Acceptnce Insurance (Prop\Casualty) FAC
Midland Co. Insurance (Prop\Casualty) MLAN
Covanta Hldg Insurance (Prop\Casualty) CVA
Enstar Grp Inc Insurance (Prop\Casualty) ESGR
Triad Guaranty Insurance (Prop\Casualty) TGIC
R L I Corp. Insurance (Prop\Casualty) RLI
Stewart Info Insurance (Prop\Casualty) STC
Land America Insurance (Prop\Casualty) LFG
Ohio Casualty Insurance (Prop\Casualty) OCAS
Affirmative Ins Insurance (Prop\Casualty) AFFM
Navigators Grp. Insurance (Prop\Casualty) NAVG
21st CenturyIns Insurance (Prop\Casualty) TW
Pico Holdings Insurance (Prop\Casualty) PICO
State AutoFinl Insurance (Prop\Casualty) STFC
Odyssey Re Hdg Insurance (Prop\Casualty) ORH
Safety Ins Grp Insurance (Prop\Casualty) SAFT
Direct General Insurance (Prop\Casualty) DRCT
E M C InsGrp Insurance (Prop\Casualty) EMCI
Harleysville Gp Insurance (Prop\Casualty) HGIC
P M A Cap'l A Insurance (Prop\Casualty) PMACA
Seabright Insur Insurance (Prop\Casualty) SEAB
Zenith Nat'l Insurance (Prop\Casualty) ZNT
ProAssurance Insurance (Prop\Casualty) PRA
Argonaut GrpA Insurance (Prop\Casualty) AGII
United Fire&Cas Insurance (Prop\Casualty) UFCS
Horace MannEd Insurance (Prop\Casualty) HMN
Nat'l Interste Insurance (Prop\Casualty) NATL
C N A Surety Insurance (Prop\Casualty) SUR
HousevaluesInc Internet (E:Commerce) SOLD
Audible Inc Internet (E:Commerce) ADBL
TradeStatn Grp Internet (E:Commerce) TRAD Inc Internet (E:Commerce) STMP
E-LOAN Inc Internet (E:Commerce) EELN Internet (E:Commerce) PCLN
Netflix Inc Internet (E:Commerce) NFLX Internet (E:Commerce) DSCM
NetBank Inc. Internet (E:Commerce) NTBK
ValueClick Internet (E:Commerce) VCLK
Nasdaq St Mkt Internet (E:Commerce) NDAQ
G S I Commerce Internet (E:Commerce) GSIC
Optionsxpress Internet (E:Commerce) OXPS Internet (E:Commerce) ECLG
Blue Nile Internet (E:Commerce) NILE
ProvideCommerce Internet (E:Commerce) PRVD Internet (E:Commerce) OSTK
Autobytel Inc Internet (E:Commerce) ABTL
Ipass Inc Internet (Network) IPAS
Asianfo Hldgs Internet (Network) ASIA
Equinix Inc Internet (Network) EQIX
Keynote Systms Internet (Network) KEYN
Ixia Internet (Network) XXIA
Packeteer Inc Internet (Network) PKTR
Digital River Internet (Network) DRIV
C M G I Inc Internet (Software) CMGI
Real Networks Internet (Software) RNWK
Agile Software Internet (Software) AGIL
Internet Captl Internet (Software) ICGE
Supportsoft Internet (Software) SPRT
webMethods Inc Internet (Software) WEBM
Ariba Inc Internet (Software) ARBA
Vignette Corp. Internet (Software) VIGN
Interwoven Inc Internet (Software) IWOV
Marchex Inc Internet (Software) MCHX
Click Commerce Internet (Software) CKCM
MatrixOne Inc Internet (Software) MONEE
Websense Inc Internet (Software) WBSN
Openwave Sys Internet (Software) OPWV
United Online Internet (Svc Provider) UNTD
j2 Global Comm Internet (Svc Provider) JCOM
InfoSpace Inc Internet (Svc Provider) INSP
Bankrate Inc Internet (Svc Provider) RATE
iVillage Inc Internet (Svc Provider) IVIL
Premier Global Internet (Svc Provider) PGI
Travelzoo Inc Internet (Svc Provider) TZOO
WebEx Comm Internet (Svc Provider) WEBX
EarthLink Inc Internet (Svc Provider) ELNK
Intermix Media Internet (Svc Provider) MIX
Jupitermedia Internet (Svc Provider) JUPM Inc Internet (Svc Provider) SOHU
Homestore Inc Internet (Svc Provider) HOMS
CNET Networks Internet (Svc Provider) CNET
Terremark WldWd Internet (Svc Provider) TWW
MultiMedia Gm Leisure (Gaming) MGAM
Ameristar Cas Leisure (Gaming) ASCA
Shuffle Masr Leisure (Gaming) SHFL
Alliance Gamng Leisure (Gaming) AGI
Pinnacle Ent Leisure (Gaming) PNK
Monarch Casino Leisure (Gaming) MCRI
Dover Down Gmg Leisure (Gaming) DDE
Churchill Downs Leisure (Gaming) CHDN
Riviera Hldgs Leisure (Gaming) RIV
Isle of Capri Leisure (Gaming) ISLE
Magna Entrn A Leisure (Gaming) MECA
W M S Inds. Leisure (Gaming) WMS
Mikohn Gaming Leisure (Gaming) PGIC
M T R Gaming Leisure (Gaming) MNTG
Aztar Corp. Leisure (Gaming) AZR
Lodgian Inc. Leisure (Htls\Mtls) LGN
Gaylord Entrtn Leisure (Htls\Mtls) GET
K Two Inc. Leisure (Products) KTO
Sturm Ruger Leisure (Products) RGR
Callaway Golf Leisure (Products) ELY
Marine Products Leisure (Products) MPX
The NautilusGp Leisure (Products) NLS
Steinway Leisure (Products) LVB
Escalade Inc Leisure (Products) ESCA
Arctic Cat Leisure (Products) ACAT
Build-a-Bear Leisure (Products) BBW
Great WolfRsts Leisure (Services) WOLF
Life Time Fit Leisure (Services) LTM
Sunterra Corp Leisure (Services) SNRR
Dollar Thrifty Leisure (Services) DTG
Pegasus Soltn Leisure (Services) PEGS
Vail Resorts Leisure (Services) MTN
Vertrue Inc Leisure (Services) VTRU
Six Flags Inc Leisure (Services) PKS
Ambassadors Grp Leisure (Services) EPAX
Speedway Motor Leisure (Services) TRK
Dover Motorspt Leisure (Services) DVD
Bluegreen Leisure (Services) BXG
JAKKS Pacific Leisure (Toys\Games) JAKK
Topps Co. Leisure (Toys\Games) TOPP
Leapfrog Entrp Leisure (Toys\Games) LF
RC2 Corp Leisure (Toys\Games) RCRC
Kennametal Machine Tools KMT
Actuant Corp. Machine Tools ATU
Lincoln Elec Machine Tools LECO
3D Systems Machinery (Automation) TDSC
A S V Inc. Machinery (Const\Mining) ASVI
J L G Industs Machinery (Const\Mining) JLG
Astec Inds Machinery (Const\Mining) ASTE
Bucyrus Int'l Machinery (Const\Mining) BUCY
AGCO Corp Machinery (Farm) AG
Lindsay Mfg. Machinery (Farm) LNN
Gehl Co. Machinery (Farm) GEHL
Alamo Group Machinery (Farm) ALG
EnPro Inds Inc Machinery (Industrial) NPO
Gorman-Rupp Machinery (Industrial) GRC
Woodward Govrn Machinery (Industrial) WGOV
CIRCOR Int'l Machinery (Industrial) CIR
Badger Meter Machinery (Industrial) BMI
Tennant Co. Machinery (Industrial) TNC
Flowserve Corp Machinery (Industrial) FLS
Nordson Machinery (Industrial) NDSN
Sauer-Danforss Machinery (Industrial) SHS
Sun Hydraulics Machinery (Industrial) SNHY
Paxar Corp Machinery (Industrial) PXR
Presstek Machinery (Industrial) PRST
Robbins Myers Machinery (Industrial) RBN
Global Power Machinery (Industrial) GEG
Unova Inc. Machinery (Industrial) UNA
Gardner Denver Machinery (Industrial) GDI
Briggs & Strn Machinery (Industrial) BGG
Stratasys Inc. Machinery (Material Hndlg) SSYS
Cascade Corp. Machinery (Material Hndlg) CAE
NACCO Inds. A Machinery (Material Hndlg) NC
Capital SW Market (MutFndsClsdDom) CSWC
Apollo Invstmnt Market (MutFndsClsdDom) AINV
Ares Capital Market (MutFndsClsdDom) ARCC
Nelson Thos. Media (Books) TNM
Scholastic Media (Books) SCHL
Marcus Corp Media (Movies) MCS
Carmike Cin A Media (Movies) CKEC
Journal Regstr Media (Newspapers) JRC
Hollinger Intl Media (Newspapers) HLR
Media General Media (Newspapers) MEG
Playboy Ent B Media (Periodicals) PLA
MarthaStwt Lvg Media (Periodicals) MSO
Readrs Dgst Media (Periodicals) RDA
Primedia Inc. Media (Periodicals) PRM
Gemstar-TV Gde Media (Periodicals) GMST
Sinclair Brdcs Media (Radio\TV) SBGI
Emmis Comm Media (Radio\TV) EMMS
Salem Comm Media (Radio\TV) SALM
Gray Television Media (Radio\TV) GTN
Fisher Comm Media (Radio\TV) FSCI
LIN TV Corp Media (Radio\TV) TVL
4 Kids Entmnt Media (Radio\TV) KDE
Saga Comm Inc. Media (Radio\TV) SGA
Liberty Corp. Media (Radio\TV) LC
Journal Comm Media (Radio\TV) JRN
SpanishBrdcst Media (Radio\TV) SBSA
Regent Comm Media (Radio\TV) RGCI
Beasley Brdcst Media (Radio\TV) BBGI
Outdoor Channel Media (Radio\TV) OUTD
Entercom Comm Media (Radio\TV) ETM
Cumulus MediaA Media (Radio\TV) CMLS
Cox Radio Inc Media (Radio\TV) CXR
Citadel Bdcstg Media (Radio\TV) CDL
Radio One Inc Media (Radio\TV) ROIAK
Entravision Cm Media (Radio\TV) EVC
Lodgenet Etnm Media (Television) LNET
World Wrestlg Media (Television) WWE
Insight Comm Media (Television) ICCI
Charter Comm Media (Television) CHTR
Mediacom Comm Media (Television) MCCC
Crown Media Media (Television) CRWN
W P T Entrprs Media (Television) WPTE
Appld Ind Tech Metal Prds (Distributors) AIT
Jorgensen Co Metal Prds (Distributors) JOR
Lawson Prods. Metal Prds (Distributors) LAWS
Castle (AM) Metal Prds (Distributors) CAS
Barnes Group Metal Prds (Pipe\Fab\Misc) B
Reliance Steel Metal Prds (Pipe\Fab\Misc) RS
N N Inc Metal Prds (Pipe\Fab\Misc) NNBR
Worthngtn Ind Metal Prds (Pipe\Fab\Misc) WOR
Mueller Inds Metal Prds (Pipe\Fab\Misc) MLI
Gibraltar Stl Metal Prds (Pipe\Fab\Misc) ROCK
N C I BldgSys Metal Prds (Pipe\Fab\Misc) NCS
N S Group Metal Prds (Pipe\Fab\Misc) NSS
Metals USA Inc Metal Prds (Pipe\Fab\Misc) MUSA
Valmont Inds. Metal Prds (Pipe\Fab\Misc) VMI
Dynamic Materls Metal Prds (Pipe\Fab\Misc) BOOM
Steel Tech Metal Prds (Pipe\Fab\Misc) STTX
Commercl Mtls Metal Prds (Pipe\Fab\Misc) CMC
Maverick Tube Metal Prds (Pipe\Fab\Misc) MVK
Kaydon Corp. Metal Prds (Pipe\Fab\Misc) KDN
Metal Managmnt Metal Prds (Pipe\Fab\Misc) MTLM
Brush Engr Mat Metal Prds (Pipe\Fab\Misc) BW
Century Alumn Metal Prds (Pipe\Fab\Misc) CENX
Aleris Int'l Metal Prds (Pipe\Fab\Misc) ARS
Ryerson Tull Metal Prds (Pipe\Fab\Misc) RT
Quanex Corp. Metal Prds (Pipe\Fab\Misc) NX
Schnitzer Stl Metal Prds (Pipe\Fab\Misc) SCHN
Coeur D Alene Mining (Gold\Silver) CDE
Hecla Mining Mining (Gold\Silver) HL
Royal Gold Inc Mining (Gold\Silver) RGLD
Cleveland-Clff Mining (Other) CLF
Stillwater Mng Mining (Other) SWC
AMCOL Int'l Mining (Other) ACO
ImagistcsInt'l Office (Supplies) IGI
Brady Corp A Office (Supplies) BRC
Global Imaging Office (Supplies) GISX
Ennis Inc Office (Supplies) EBF
United Statnrs Office (Supplies) USTR
Ikon Office Office (Supplies) IKN
Std. Register Office (Supplies) SR
Glatfelter Paper GLT
Xerium Technlgs Paper XRM
Wausau-Mosinee Paper WPP
Buckeye Tech Paper BKI
Longview Fibre Paper LFB
Chesapeake Cp Paper CSK
Neenah Paper Paper NP
Potlatch Corp. Paper PCH
Schweitzer Mau Paper SWM
Mercer Int'l Paper MERCS
Greif Bros ClA Paper GEF
Albany Int'l A Paper AIN
Kadant Inc Paper KAI
Caraustar Inds Paper CSAR
Rock-Tenn ClA Paper RKT
Bowater Inc. Paper BOW
C N S Inc. Personal (Cosmetics) CNXS
ElizabethArden Personal (Cosmetics) RDEN
N B T Y Inc. Personal (Cosmetics) NTY
Inter Parfums Personal (Cosmetics) IPAR
Mannatech Inc Personal (Cosmetics) MTEX
Natures SSPrd Personal (Cosmetics) NATR
USANA Inc. Personal (Cosmetics) USNA
Prestige Brnds Personal (Cosmetics) PBH
Chattem Inc. Personal (Cosmetics) CHTT
Revlon Inc Personal (Cosmetics) REV
Parlux Fragran Personal (Cosmetics) PARL
Nu Skin EntprA Personal (Cosmetics) NUS
Playtex Prds Personal (Cosmetics) PYX
Ultralife Batt Personal (Consumer Prods) ULBI
Russ Berrie Personal (Consumer Prods) RUS
C S S Inds. Personal (Consumer Prods) CSS
Water Pik Tech Personal (Consumer Prods) PIK
Jarden Corp Personal (Consumer Prods) JAH
Yankee Candle Personal (Consumer Prods) YCC
Blyth Inc Personal (Consumer Prods) BTH
Tiens Biotech Personal (Consumer Prods) TBV
Stewart EntrpA Personal (Funeral Svcs) STEI
Alderwoods Grp Personal (Funeral Svcs) AWGI
Matthews Int'l Personal (Funeral Svcs) MATW
Univrsl Corp. Personal (Tobacco) UVV
Vector Grp Ltd Personal (Tobacco) VGR
Star Scientifc Personal (Tobacco) STSI
Alliance One Personal (Tobacco) AOI
Todco Petroleum (Drilling) THE
Atwood Oceanic Petroleum (Drilling) ATW
Pioneer Drillg Petroleum (Drilling) PDC
Parker Drillng Petroleum (Drilling) PKD
Grey Wolf Inc Petroleum (Drilling) GW
R P C Inc Petroleum (Field Services) RES
Veritas DGC Petroleum (Field Services) VTS
Tetra TechDel Petroleum (Field Services) TTI
Cal Dive Int'l Petroleum (Field Services) CDIS
Oceanrng Int'l Petroleum (Field Services) OII
Oil State Petroleum (Field Services) OIS
World FuelSvc Petroleum (Field Services) INT
Global Inds Petroleum (Field Services) GLBL
Layne Christen Petroleum (Field Services) LAYN
Hornbeck Offsh Petroleum (Field Services) HOS
Offshore Log Petroleum (Field Services) OLG
Superior Engy Petroleum (Field Services) SPN
W-H Energy Svs Petroleum (Field Services) WHQ
Gulfmark Offshr Petroleum (Field Services) GMRK
Seacor Smit Petroleum (Field Services) CKH
Newpark Resc Petroleum (Field Services) NR
F X Energy Petroleum (Intl Integrted) FXEN
Endeavour Int'l Petroleum (Intl Integrted) END
Harvest NatRes Petroleum (Intl Specialty) HNR
Tipperary Corp. Petroleum (Intl Specialty) TPY
Universal Comp Petroleum (Mach\Equipment) UCO
Input Output Petroleum (Mach\Equipment) IO
Carbo Ceramics Petroleum (Mach\Equipment) CRR
Gulf IslandFab Petroleum (Mach\Equipment) GIFI
Hydril Petroleum (Mach\Equipment) HYDL
Hanover Compr Petroleum (Mach\Equipment) HC
Lufkin Inds Petroleum (Mach\Equipment) LUFK
Dril Quip Petroleum (Mach\Equipment) DRQ
Transmontaigne Petroleum (Prod\Pipeline) TMG
Crosstex Energy Petroleum (Prod\Pipeline) XTXI
Giant Inds Petroleum (Refining\Mktg) GI
Frontier Oil Petroleum (Refining\Mktg) FTO
Syntroleum Cp. Petroleum (Refining\Mktg) SYNM
Holly Corp Petroleum (Refining\Mktg) HOC
Bois D'arcEngy Petroleum (U S Explr\Prod) BDE
NGP CapitalRes Petroleum (U S Explr\Prod) NGPC
Houston Explor Petroleum (U S Explr\Prod) THX
Callon Pete Petroleum (U S Explr\Prod) CPE
Delta Petro Petroleum (U S Explr\Prod) DPTR
Stone Energy Petroleum (U S Explr\Prod) SGY
Petrohawk Engy Petroleum (U S Explr\Prod) HAWK
Spinnaker Expl Petroleum (U S Explr\Prod) SKE
Warren Rescs Petroleum (U S Explr\Prod) WRES
Swift Energy Petroleum (U S Explr\Prod) SFY
Clayton WmsEny Petroleum (U S Explr\Prod) CWEI
Bill Barrett Petroleum (U S Explr\Prod) BBG
Resource Amer Petroleum (U S Explr\Prod) REXI
Goodrich Petro Petroleum (U S Explr\Prod) GDP
Meridian Rsc Petroleum (U S Explr\Prod) TMR
Brigham Explor Petroleum (U S Explr\Prod) BEXP
Cimarex Energy Petroleum (U S Explr\Prod) XEC
Gasco Energy Petroleum (U S Explr\Prod) GSX
Berry Petro Petroleum (U S Explr\Prod) BRY
Cheniere Engy Petroleum (U S Explr\Prod) LNG
PetroQuest Ene Petroleum (U S Explr\Prod) PQUE
Parallel Petro Petroleum (U S Explr\Prod) PLLL
K C S Energy Petroleum (U S Explr\Prod) KCS
Penn Virgina Petroleum (U S Explr\Prod) PVA
Remington Oil Petroleum (U S Explr\Prod) REM
Atlas America Petroleum (U S Explr\Prod) ATLS
Toreador Rsrcs Petroleum (U S Explr\Prod) TRGL
Petro DevCorp Petroleum (U S Explr\Prod) PETDE
Encore Acquistn Petroleum (U S Explr\Prod) EAC
St. Mary L&E Petroleum (U S Explr\Prod) SM
Comstock Resc Petroleum (U S Explr\Prod) CRK
Edge Petroleum Petroleum (U S Explr\Prod) EPEX
Whiting Petro Petroleum (U S Explr\Prod) WLL
W&T Offshore Petroleum (U S Explr\Prod) WTI
Carrizo OilGas Petroleum (U S Explr\Prod) CRZO
McMoran Explr Petroleum (U S Explr\Prod) MMR
Tri ValleyCorp Petroleum (U S Explr\Prod) TIV
Energy PtnrLtd Petroleum (U S Explr\Prod) EPL
Cabot Oil&GAS Petroleum (U S Explr\Prod) COG
A T P Oil&Gas Petroleum (U S Explr\Prod) ATPG
MarkWest Hydroc Petroleum (U S Integrated) MWP
Esco Electrn Pollution Control (Equip) ESE
CLARCOR Inc. Pollution Control (Equip) CLC
Flanders Corp. Pollution Control (Equip) FLDR
InsituformTech Pollution Control (Equip) INSU
Tetra Tech Pollution Control (Svcs) TTEK
Amer Ecology Pollution Control (Svcs) ECOL
Calgon Carbon Pollution Control (Svcs) CCC
Clean Harbors Pollution Control (Svcs) CLHB
Waste Services Pollution Control (Svcs) WSII
Waste Inds USA Pollution Control (Svcs) WWIN
Waste Connctns Pollution Control (Svcs) WCN
Duratek Pollution Control (Svcs) DRTK
Casella Waste Pollution Control (Svcs) CWST
Avatar Hldgs Real Estate Development AVTR
Cons-Tomoka Ld Real Estate Development CTO
Clifornia Cstl Real Estate Development CALC
Levitt Corp Real Estate Development LEV
Tejon Ranch Real Estate Development TRC
Trammell Crow Real Estate Management TCC
Central Parkng Real Estate Management CPC
Jones Lang LaSl Real Estate Management JLL
Tarragan Rlty Real Estate Management TARR
Nat'l Hlth Rlty REIT (Equity) NHR
Education Rlty REIT (Equity) EDR
Penn REIT REIT (Equity) PEI
EastGroup Ppty REIT (Equity) EGP
Omega Hlthcre REIT (Equity) OHI
Taubman Cntrs REIT (Equity) TCO
Ashford HospTR REIT (Equity) AHT
Colonial Ppty REIT (Equity) CLP
Kilroy Realty REIT (Equity) KRC
Urstadt Biddle REIT (Equity) UBA
P S Bus. Parks REIT (Equity) PSB
Town & CountryT REIT (Equity) TCT
Diamondrck Hosp REIT (Equity) DRH
Gables ResdntT REIT (Equity) GBP
Parkway Pptys REIT (Equity) PKY
Agree Rlty REIT (Equity) ADC
Invest RealEst REIT (Equity) IRETS
Maguire Ppts REIT (Equity) MPG
Strategic Hotel REIT (Equity) SLH
L T C Pptys REIT (Equity) LTC
Cedar Shpng Ctr REIT (Equity) CDR
Wash. REIT SBI REIT (Equity) WRE
Senior Housing REIT (Equity) SNH
Alexanders Inc REIT (Equity) ALX
Sunstone Hotel REIT (Equity) SHO
NorthStar Rlty REIT (Equity) NRF
Glenborgh Rlty REIT (Equity) GLB
A M L I Resdn REIT (Equity) AML
Hersha Hsptlty REIT (Equity) HT
Corp OfficePpty REIT (Equity) OFC
Extra Space Stg REIT (Equity) EXR
One Liberty Prp REIT (Equity) OLP
Trustreet Prop REIT (Equity) TSY
Capital Auto REIT (Equity) CARS
Tanger Factory REIT (Equity) SKT
Arbor Realty REIT (Equity) ABR
MeriStar Hspty REIT (Equity) MHX
Fst PotomacRlty REIT (Equity) FPO
Lexington Pptys REIT (Equity) LXP
Sovran SelfStg REIT (Equity) SSS
Prentiss Ppty REIT (Equity) PP
Bedford Ppty REIT (Equity) BED
Origen Financ'l REIT (Equity) ORGN
Univrsl HlhRy REIT (Equity) UHT
R A I T Inv Tr REIT (Equity) RAS
Glimcher Rlty REIT (Equity) GRT
Alexandria RE REIT (Equity) ARE
Home Ppty REIT (Equity) HME
Innkeepers USA REIT (Equity) KPA
Post Pptys REIT (Equity) PPS
Acadia ReaTrst REIT (Equity) AKR
Governmnt Ppys REIT (Equity) GPT
AffordbleRsdnt REIT (Equity) ARC
Equity Lfestyle REIT (Equity) ELS
First IndRlty REIT (Equity) FR
Correct'l Pptys REIT (Equity) CPV
Nat'l HlthInv REIT (Equity) NHI
Equity Inns REIT (Equity) ENN
La Quinta Corp REIT (Equity) LQI
Highwoods Ppty REIT (Equity) HIW
Sizeler Propty REIT (Equity) SIZ
Kite Realty Grp REIT (Equity) KRG
LaSalle HtlPpy REIT (Equity) LHO
Winston Hotels REIT (Equity) WXH
C R T Properts REIT (Equity) CRO
Commercl NetLs REIT (Equity) NNN
Brandywne Rlty REIT (Equity) BDN
Boykin Lodging REIT (Equity) BOY
Digital Realty REIT (Equity) DLR
Mid AmerApt REIT (Equity) MAA
Felcor Lodging REIT (Equity) FCH
Entertm Pptys REIT (Equity) EPR
Getty Realty REIT (Equity) GTY
Highland Hsplty REIT (Equity) HIH
GMH Communties REIT (Equity) GCT
Ramco Gershensn REIT (Equity) RPT
Sun Commnties REIT (Equity) SUI
Saul Centers REIT (Equity) BFS
Cousins Pptys REIT (Equity) CUZ
Natnwde HltPpy REIT (Equity) NHP
Equity One Inc. REIT (Equity) EQY
U-store-it REIT (Equity) YSI
Biomed Realty REIT (Equity) BMR
Heritage PtyInv REIT (Equity) HTG
Novastar Fin'l REIT (Mortgage) NFI
Mortgageit Hlds REIT (Mortgage) MHL
Anthracite Cap REIT (Mortgage) AHR
ECC Capital REIT (Mortgage) ECR
Capt'l Trust REIT (Mortgage) CT
Gramercy Captl REIT (Mortgage) GKK
Anworth MrtgAt REIT (Mortgage) ANH
M F A Mortgage REIT (Mortgage) MFA
Redwood Trust REIT (Mortgage) RWT
Newcastle InvCp REIT (Mortgage) NCT
Spirit Finance REIT (Mortgage) SFC
Aames Invest REIT (Mortgage) AIC
Homebanc Corp REIT (Mortgage) HMB
Capt'l LeaseFdg REIT (Mortgage) LSE
AmericanCampus REIT (Mortgage) ACC
CRIIMI Mae REIT (Mortgage) CMM
Bimini Mrtg REIT (Mortgage) BMM
Luminent Mrtg REIT (Mortgage) LUM
Impac MtgeHlds REIT (Mortgage) IMH
Amer Home Mrtg REIT (Mortgage) AHM
Fieldstone Invt REIT (Mortgage) FICC
Cache Inc. Retail (Apparel) CACH
Genesco Inc. Retail (Apparel) GCO
Too Inc Retail (Apparel) TOO
Christphr&Bank Retail (Apparel) CBK
Gymboree Corp Retail (Apparel) GYMB
Bank (Jos A) Retail (Apparel) JOSB
Goodys FamClth Retail (Apparel) GDYS
Zumiez Inc Retail (Apparel) ZUMZ
Payless Shoe Retail (Apparel) PSS
Aeropostale Retail (Apparel) ARO
Hot Topic Inc. Retail (Apparel) HOTT
Charlotte Russ Retail (Apparel) CHIC
New York & Co Retail (Apparel) NWY
Childrn's Plce Retail (Apparel) PLCE
Cato Corp A Retail (Apparel) CTR
Talbot's Inc. Retail (Apparel) TLB
Shoe Carnival Retail (Apparel) SCVL
Casual Male Rl Retail (Apparel) CMRG
Wet Seal Inc. Retail (Apparel) WTSLA
Deb Shops Retail (Apparel) DEBS
Charming Shps Retail (Apparel) CHRS
Pacific Snwr Retail (Apparel) PSUN
Dress Barn Retail (Apparel) DBRN
Finish Line A Retail (Apparel) FINL
Stage Stores Retail (Apparel) STGS
Wilsons Leather Retail (Apparel) WLSN
Buckle Inc Retail (Apparel) BKE
Stein Mart Retail (Apparel) SMRT
Syms Corp Retail (Apparel) SYM
Burlgtn Coat Retail (Apparel) BCF
Midas Inc. Retail (Auto Parts) MDS
Asbury Auto Gp Retail (Auto Parts) ABG
Group 1 Auto Retail (Auto Parts) GPI
Sonic Auto A Retail (Auto Parts) SAH
America's CarMt Retail (Auto Parts) CRMT
Pep Boys Retail (Auto Parts) PBY
Keystone Auto Retail (Auto Parts) KEYS
Monro Mufflr Retail (Auto Parts) MNRO
T B C Corp. Retail (Auto Parts) TBCC
C S K Auto Retail (Auto Parts) CAO
Lithia Motors Retail (Auto Parts) LAD
Rush Entprs A Retail (Auto Parts) RUSHA
United AutoGrp Retail (Auto Parts) UAG
Hughes Supply Retail (Building Products) HUG
Interline Bnds Retail (Building Products) IBI
Central Garden Retail (Building Products) CENT
Beacon Roofing Retail (Building Products) BECN
Tractor Supply Retail (Building Products) TSCO
Huttig BldgProd Retail (Building Products) HBP
Bluelinx Hlds Retail (Building Products) BXC
Brightpoint Retail (Computers) CELL
Systemax Inc. Retail (Computers) SYX
Insight Entrpr Retail (Computers) NSIT
ScanSource Inc Retail (Computers) SCSC
Navarre Retail (Computers) NAVR
Agilysys Inc. Retail (Computers) AGYS
Handleman Co. Retail (Consumer Elect) HDL
Trans WorldEnt Retail (Consumer Elect) TWMC
Conns Inc Retail (Consumer Elect) CONN
Elec. Boutique Retail (Consumer Elect) ELBO
GameStop CorpA Retail (Consumer Elect) GME
Bon-Ton Strs Retail (Department Stores) BONT
Retail Vecntrs Retail (Department Stores) RVI
Fred's Inc. Retail (Discount\Variety) FRED
Citi Trends Retail (Discount\Variety) CTRN
Party City Corp Retail (Discount\Variety) PCTY
99 Cents Only Retail (Discount\Variety) NDN
Big Lots Inc Retail (Discount\Variety) BLI
Longs Drug Retail (Drug Stores) LDG
Green MtnCoffee Retail (Food) GMCR
Farmer Bros Retail (Food) FARM
Smart & Final Retail (Food) SMF
United NatrlFd Retail (Food) UNFI
Performnce Fd Retail (Food) PFGC
Nash Finch Co. Retail (Food) NAFC
Rent Way Inc. Retail (Home Furnishings) RWY
Pier 1 Imports Retail (Home Furnishings) PIR
Haverty Furn. Retail (Home Furnishings) HVT
Linen N Things Retail (Home Furnishings) LIN
Tuesday Mrning Retail (Home Furnishings) TUES
Cost Plus Retail (Home Furnishings) CPWM
Bombay Co Retail (Home Furnishings) BBA
Select Comfort Retail (Home Furnishings) SCSS
Restoratn Hdwr Retail (Home Furnishings) RSTO
Design WthinRch Retail (Home Furnishings) DWRI
Aaron Rents Inc Retail (Home Furnishings) RNT
Ethan Allen Retail (Home Furnishings) ETH
Movado Group Retail (Jewelry) MOV
Zale Corp. Retail (Jewelry) ZLC
Charles&Colvard Retail (Jewelry) CTHR
Blair Corp. Retail (Mail Order\Direct) BL
Cabelas Inc Retail (Mail Order\Direct) CAB
ColdwaterCreek Retail (Mail Order\Direct) CWTR Retail (Mail Order\Direct) FLWS
Alloy Inc. Retail (Mail Order\Direct) ALOY
School Spclty Retail (Mail Order\Direct) SCHS
J. Jill Grp Retail (Mail Order\Direct) JILL
1 800 Contacts Retail (Mail Order\Direct) CTAC
ValueVision Md Retail (Mail Order\Direct) VVTV
FTD Group Inc Retail (Mail Order\Direct) FTD
Shopko Stores Retail (Major Chains) SKO
Sharper Image Retail (Misc\Diversified) SHRP
Cash America Retail (Misc\Diversified) CSH
First Cash Fin Retail (Misc\Diversified) FCFS
Blockbuster Retail (Misc\Diversified) BBI
Jo-Ann Stores Retail (Misc\Diversified) JAS
Escala Grp Inc Retail (Misc\Diversified) ESCL
Sotheby's Retail (Misc\Diversified) BID
Movie Gallery Retail (Misc\Diversified) MOVI
MarineMax Inc. Retail (Misc\Diversified) HZO
Regis Corp. Retail (Misc\Diversified) RGS
Guitar Center Retail (Misc\Diversified) GTRC
Brookstone Inc Retail (Misc\Diversified) BKST
A C Moore Retail (Misc\Diversified) ACMR
West Marine Retail (Misc\Diversified) WMAR
Hibbett Sportg Retail (Misc\Diversified) HIBB
Big 5 Sprtg Gds Retail (Misc\Diversified) BGFV
Sports Aurthy Retail (Misc\Diversified) TSA
Petco AnmlSply Retail (Misc\Diversified) PETC
Casey's GenSt Retail (Supermarkets) CASY
Pathmark Stors Retail (Supermarkets) PTMK
The Pantry Retail (Supermarkets) PTRY
Wild OatsMrkts Retail (Supermarkets) OATS
Weis Markets Retail (Supermarkets) WMK
Great Atl&Pac Retail (Supermarkets) GAP
Spartan Stores Retail (Supermarkets) SPTN
Ingles MarketsA Retail (Supermarkets) IMKTA
Ruddick Corp. Retail (Supermarkets) RDK
Arden Group A Retail (Supermarkets) ARDNA
Lawson Sftwr Software (Business) LWSN
Rightnow Tech Software (Business) RNOW
Motive Inc Software (Business) MOTV
Epicor Sftw Software (Business) EPIC
Mapinfo Corp. Software (Business) MAPS
S P S S Inc. Software (Business) SPSS
M R O Softwr Software (Business) MROI
Stellent Inc Software (Business) STEL
Altiris Inc Software (Business) ATRS
FalconStor Swr Software (Business) FALC
Concur Tech Software (Business) CNQR
Phoenix Tech Software (Business) PTEC
Catapult Comm. Software (Business) CATT
NetIQ Corp Software (Business) NTIQ
J D A Software Software (Business) JDAS
Aspen Tech Software (Business) AZPN
Opsware Inc Software (Business) OPSW
Verity Inc. Software (Business) VRTY
E.piphany Inc Software (Business) EPNY
MicroMuse Inc. Software (Business) MUSE
Talx Corp Software (Business) TALX
MicroStrategy Software (Business) MSTR
Quest Software Software (Business) QSFT
Blackbaud Inc Software (Business) BLKB
Progress Sftwr Software (Business) PRGS
Tibco Software Software (Business) TIBX
Ultimate Sfwre Software (Business) ULTI
SERENA Softwar Software (Business) SRNA
Filenet Corp Software (Business) FILE
NetScout Systms Software (Business) NTCT
Witness Systms Software (Business) WITS
Ulticom Inc Software (Business) ULCM
Informatica Cp Software (Business) INFA
C C C InfoSvc Software (Business) CCCG
Q A D Inc. Software (Business) QADI
Scansoft Inc. Software (Desktop) SSFT
Borland Sftwr Software (Desktop) BORL
Intervideo Inc Software (Desktop) IVII
Sonic Solutns Software (Desktop) SNIC
Blackboard Inc Software (Educ\Entr) BBBB
Atari Inc Software (Educ\Entr) ATAR
Renaissance Lg Software (Educ\Entr) RLRN
Midway Games Software (Educ\Entr) MWY
Jamdat Mobile Software (Educ\Entr) JMDT
T H Q Inc. Software (Educ\Entr) THQI
SSA Global Tech Software (Educ\Entr) SSAG
Advent Softwre Software (Financial) ADVS
S 1 Corp. Software (Financial) SONE
Jack Henry Software (Financial) JKHY
Bottomline Tch Software (Financial) EPAY
S S & C Tech Software (Financial) SSNC
Transactn Sys Software (Financial) TSAI
PegaSystems Software (Financial) PEGA
Digital Insght Software (Financial) DGIN
EPIQ Systems Software (Financial) EPIQ
Online Res&Comm Software (Financial) ORCC
Open Solutions Software (Financial) OPEN
eResearch Tech Software (Healthcare) ERES
Vital Images Software (Healthcare) VTAL
Emageon Inc Software (Healthcare) EMAG
Amicas Inc Software (Healthcare) AMCS
Allscrpts Hlth Software (Healthcare) MDRX
Phase Forward Software (Healthcare) PFWD
Quality Systms Software (Healthcare) QSII
Dendrite Int'l Software (Healthcare) DRTE
Eclipsys Corp. Software (Healthcare) ECLP
I D X Systems Software (Healthcare) IDXC
Computer Pr&Sys Software (Healthcare) CPSI
Entrust Inc Software (Security) ENTU
R S A Security Software (Security) RSAS
Verint Systems Software (Security) VRNT
InternetSecSys Software (Security) ISSX
Secure Cmptng Software (Security) SCUR
VASCO Data Sec Software (Security) VDSI
SafeNet Inc Software (Security) SFNT
CyberGuard Corp Software (Security) CGFW
Blue Coat Sys Software (Security) BCSI
SonicWALL Inc Software (Security) SNWL
Macrovision Software (Security) MVSN
Titanium Metls Steel (Alloy) TIE
CarpenterTech Steel (Alloy) CRS
GrafTech Int'l Steel (Alloy) GTI
R T I Int'lMet Steel (Alloy) RTI
Oregon Steel Steel (Basic) OS
A K Steel Steel (Basic) AKS
Roanoke ElcStl Steel (Basic) RESC
Steel Dynamics Steel (Basic) STLD
Lone StarTech Steel (Basic) LSS
Wheeling Pitts Steel (Basic) WPSC
Anaren Inc Telecomm (Cellular) ANEN
Endwave Corp Telecomm (Cellular) ENWV
UbiquiTel Inc Telecomm (Cellular) UPCS
Viasat Telecomm (Cellular) VSAT
Audiovox A Telecomm (Cellular) VOXX
Airspan Ntwks Telecomm (Cellular) AIRN
Symmetricom Telecomm (Cellular) SYMM
SpectraLink Telecomm (Cellular) SLNK
Powerwave Tech Telecomm (Cellular) PWAV
InterDigital Telecomm (Cellular) IDCC
Dobson Comm Telecomm (Cellular) DCEL
Wireless Fclts Telecomm (Cellular) WFII
USA Mobility Telecomm (Cellular) USMO
Price Comm Telecomm (Cellular) PR
Comtech Tele Telecomm (Cellular) CMTL
Superior Essex Telecomm (Cellular) SPSX
Syniverse Hldg Telecomm (Cellular) SVR
Inphonic Inc Telecomm (Cellular) INPC
Centennl Comm Telecomm (Cellular) CYCL
Dycom Inds Telecomm (Equipment) DY
Preformed Line Telecomm (Equipment) PLPC
Arris Grp Telecomm (Equipment) ARRS
Redback Netwrk Telecomm (Equipment) RBAK
UTStarcom Inc Telecomm (Equipment) UTSI
Tekelec Telecomm (Equipment) TKLC
Glenayre Tech Telecomm (Equipment) GEMS
Sonus Ntwks Telecomm (Equipment) SONS
C-COR Inc Telecomm (Equipment) CCBL
Harmonic Inc. Telecomm (Equipment) HLIT
Belden CDT Inc Telecomm (Equipment) BDC
Novatel Wrless Telecomm (Equipment) NVTL
Mastec Inc. Telecomm (Equipment) MTZ
Telkonet Inc Telecomm (Equipment) TKO
Seachange Intl Telecomm (Equipment) SEAC
InterVoice Inc Telecomm (Equipment) INTV
Inter-Tel Inc Telecomm (Equipment) INTL
Ditech Comm Telecomm (Equipment) DITC
Adtran Inc Telecomm (Equipment) ADTN
Commscope Telecomm (Equipment) CTV
S B A Comm Telecomm (Equipment) SBAC
Optical Comm Telecomm (FiberOptics) OCPI
Cogent CommGrp Telecomm (FiberOptics) COI
Finisar Corp Telecomm (FiberOptics) FNSR
Zhone Tech Inc Telecomm (FiberOptics) ZHNE
Ciena Corp. Telecomm (FiberOptics) CIEN
Oplink CommInc Telecomm (FiberOptics) OPLK
Broadwing Corp Telecomm (FiberOptics) BWNG
Essex Corp Telecomm (FiberOptics) KEYW
Sycamore Ntwks Telecomm (FiberOptics) SCMR
Valor Comm Grp Telecomm (Services) VCG
Fairpoint Comm Telecomm (Services) FRP
Intrado Inc Telecomm (Services) TRDO
SureWest Comm Telecomm (Services) SURW
C T Comm Telecomm (Services) CTCI
Iowa Telecomm Telecomm (Services) IWA
Alaska Comm Sys Telecomm (Services) ALSK
Quanta Service Telecomm (Services) PWR
North PittSys Telecomm (Services) NPSI
Cincinnati Bll Telecomm (Services) CBB
TimeWrnr Tlcom Telecomm (Services) TWTC
Hungarian Tl&Ca Telecomm (Services) HTC
IDT Corp Telecomm (Services) IDT
R C N Corp Telecomm (Services) RCNI
Golden Telecom Telecomm (Services) GLDN
Talk Amer Hldg Telecomm (Services) TALK
Gen'l CommA Telecomm (Services) GNCMA
Commwlth Tele Telecomm (Services) CTCO
Shenandoah Tele Telecomm (Services) SHEN
GlobeTel Comm Telecomm (Services) GTE
MAIR Holdings Transportation (Airlines) MAIR
AirTran Hldgs Transportation (Airlines) AAI
World Airways Transportation (Airlines) WLDAE
Frontier Air Transportation (Airlines) FRNT
ExpressJet Hdg Transportation (Airlines) XJT
Pinnacle Arlns Transportation (Airlines) PNCL
Delta Air Transportation (Airlines) DALR
Mesa AirGroup Transportation (Airlines) MESA
Cont'l Air B Transportation (Airlines) CAL
Northwest AirA Transportation (Airlines) NWACQ
Skywest Inc Transportation (Airlines) SKYW
Republic Airwys Transportation (Airlines) RJET
Alaska Air Transportation (Airlines) ALK
A B X Air Inc Transportation (Air Frght) ABXA
Dynamex Inc Transportation (Air Frght) DDMX
Freightcar Amer Transportation (Equip Mfg) RAIL
Trinity Inds. Transportation (Equip Mfg) TRN
Wabash Nat'l Transportation (Equip Mfg) WNC
WABTEC Transportation (Equip Mfg) WAB
Greenbriar Corp Transportation (Equip Mfg) GBX
RailAmerica Transportation (Rail) RRA
Kans. City So. Transportation (Rail) KSU
Florida ECoast Transportation (Rail) FLA
Genesee & Wyomg Transportation (Rail) GWR
Pacer Int'l Transportation (Services) PACR
Hub Group Inc. Transportation (Services) HUBG
E G L Inc. Transportation (Services) EAGL
Maritrans Inc. Transportation (Ship) TUG
Kirby Corp. Transportation (Ship) KEX
Universal Truck Transportation (Truck) UACL
USA Truck Transportation (Truck) USAK
Heartland Exp Transportation (Truck) HTLD
Overnite Corp Transportation (Truck) OVNT
Arkansas Best Transportation (Truck) ABFS
Old DomFrght Transportation (Truck) ODFL
S C S Transport Transportation (Truck) SCST
Werner Entrpr Transportation (Truck) WERN
Frozen FdExp Transportation (Truck) FFEX
U S Xpress Transportation (Truck) XPRSA
Knight Transp Transportation (Truck) KNX
Covenant Trnspt Transportation (Truck) CVTI
P A M Transport Transportation (Truck) PTSI
forward Air Transportation (Truck) FWRD
Marten Trans Transportation (Truck) MRTN
Cleco Corp. Utility (Electric) CNL
Northwestern Cp Utility (Electric) NWEC
D Q E Inc. Utility (Electric) DQE
M G E Energy Utility (Electric) MGEE
C H Energy Grp Utility (Electric) CHG
Idaho Power Co Utility (Electric) IDA
Avista Utility (Electric) AVA
El Paso Electr Utility (Electric) EE
Empire Distric Utility (Electric) EDE
Central VT PS Utility (Electric) CV
Calpine Corp. Utility (Electric) CPN
Aquila Inc Utility (Electric) ILA
Sierra PacRes Utility (Electric) SRP
Black HillsCp Utility (Electric) BKH
Otter Tail Cp Utility (Electric) OTTR
United Illum. Utility (Electric) UIL
UniSource Utility (Electric) UNS
WGL Holdings Utility (Gas) WGL
Northwest NG Utility (Gas) NWN
Laclede Grp Inc Utility (Gas) LG
Peoples Engy Utility (Gas) PGL
South JerInds Utility (Gas) SJI
NICOR Inc. Utility (Gas) GAS
New JerseyRes Utility (Gas) NJR
Cascade NGas Utility (Gas) CGC
EnergySouth Inc Utility (Gas) ENSI
Southwest Gas Utility (Gas) SWX
S J W Corp Utility (Water Supply) SJW
Amer StatesWtr Utility (Water Supply) AWR
Middlesex Wtr Utility (Water Supply) MSEX
CN Wtr Svc Utility (Water Supply) CTWS
Southwest Wtr Utility (Water Supply) SWWC
Calif WaterSvc Utility (Water Supply) CWT