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Stock market crash – The Stock market crisis Understood

The stock market crash of 1929 was essentially the worst financial crisis the United States had ever seen.  Millions of Americans had invested the majority of their life savings into the stock market, only to see it lost in just days.  Prior to this stock market crisis, people were enjoying a very fruitful economy, in which more and more people were enjoying financial freedom after the poor years of World War 1.


The stock market had become so popular, that a majority of American were borrowing money to purchase more stock.  People in general had no reason to believe that something as devastating as the stock market crash would ever occur, which is the main reason for the trust that Americans had in the stock market.  Millions of people had their entire life savings wrapped up in the stock market.

Once the decline of the stock market started affecting millions of Americans, the stock market crisis affected many people by way of losing everything they had.  This led to the worst financial time in United States history with the appearance of the Great depression.  Essentially, the Great depression led to no work for people and an all-around lack of funds in order to survive.  Many people turned to suicide as a way out of their financial situations, due to the fact that they could not face the financial ruin that their lives had become.


The stock market today has grown much stronger since The Great depression and more and more people are slowly beginning to invest their savings into hopes and dreams of making money again with the stock market.  Stock market news is something that is watched very carefully by many large investors, in hopes that nothing like the stock market crash of 1929 ever happens again.