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Here Are 3 Reasons You Should Give Us A Try.

  • We’re Risk Free: You can try us risk free for 14 days… Take a look at our results. If you don’t feel comfortable investing just paper trade and watch the results. If the signals are not accurate enough for you, you can cancel very fast, no questions asked, no money to pay: a completely FREE trial.
  • We Make Trading Simple: We issue a buy signal, you buy. From here on you can wait for a sell signal, or you apply your OWN exit strategy based on the RISK that you are willing to take. We issue a sell signal, you can BUY Bear Market ETFs or you can WAIT on the sidelines, in cash, until the next BUY signal. All of the work is done for you, it only takes a few minutes to make your investments.
  • ETFs Are Low Risk: The system is working very well with ETF’s that are mirroring the market moves of the BIG indexes, so you never have a sudden drop of 25%. This trend following system has proven to produce the greatest returns with the lowest risk.

Here’s How Mytradingsystem Works

Everyday, after the market closing time, our proprietary algorithm, calculates the Trend of each ETF from your portfolio.

At this time, if any of your ETFs has change the trend, from Down to Up, or from UP to Down, you'll get an email notification.

Although we highly suggest to use ETFs that are following big Indexes (Nasdaq, Dow Jones, International Indexes as well), you are free to add your own Stocks in the Trend Manager and see the Trend Signal for them.

When one of your ETFs starts to break from its trend we issue a sell signal. We normally don’t buy at the lowest point, and we usually sell after the ETF peaks, but this allows us to show consistent gains without exposing ourselves or our customers to unnecessary risk.

Most of trend signals last for several months (Although it varies from one trade to the next)… This allows for long term growth and minimizes excessive trading activities…

Allowing you to focus on other things besides worrying about daily fluctuations on your investments.

Here’s Our Promise To You.

Sign up and try it out. Just follow our trends, and if you’re a little weary don’t invest, just trade on paper. You can even watch from the "distance" the delayed signals that are public on our web site...

This trading system has proven to perform better than anything else on the market over the last three years, and it’s showing no signs of slowing down.

And if the results we provide don’t exceed your expectations… If you’re not COMPLETELY 100% satisfied for ANY reason, simply cancel your account directly from Paypal (who is our payment processor) and don't even email us…

Here’s How To Be One Of The First To Jump In On This Revolutionary Service.

If you’ve been looking for a trading system that’s….

  • Low Risk: The ETFs are some of the lowest risk and least volatile investments on the market.
  • Is Proven: We’ve been using it with great success for over 4 years.
  • Is Affordable: $9.99 a month for information that can be worth thousands to your portfolio? Add in the fact that it’s completely risk free and this offer really is a no brainer.

Try it risk free today, it may very well be the best financial decision you’ve ever made.


Yes! I’m Ready To Start My RISK FREE Trial To The Most Powerful Trend Signal… I Understand That…

This offer is 100% RISK FREE. If I’m not satisfied for ANY reason, I get an instant, no hassle cancellation.

The price of subscription WILL be going up to $37/month within 30 days, and even then it will be a tremendous value, but the current price will be locked in for me, right NOW!

Ready To Order? Click The Button Below To Subscribe Today!

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Bronze Level: 1 Month for $9.99


Gold Level: 6 Month for $54.99


Platinum Level: 12 Month for $89.99




You Subscription Will Be Renewed Automatically Based on the Period of Time You Choose Above. You May Cancel At Any Time.

Just try it for 14 days… Paper trade the signals to see how they perform if you don’t want to risk your money on it… We’re sure you’ll be satisfied but if you’re not simply cancel within 14 days and pay nothing!.


Michael Johnson