What you will learn with this eBook

  • How to choose the location for your guesthouse

    While this step might seem simple enough, having a guesthouse located in a hard-to-reach area might not be a good idea. Have you considered the security implications for your guests?

  • What services to offer

    Offering a bed for weary travelers is just one of the services you could offer. Depending on the location, you might be able to offer up to 5 extra services that will increase your income.

  • How to advertise your place

    Just having a big sign saying "We are open for business" is not enough in this day and age: there are many venues for advertising your business.

  • Ideas for the design of the guesthouse

    Have you ever thought of building a tree-house for your guests? How about having hammocks in your garden? Many more ideas that would make your place memorable.

  • Ideas for the interior of the guesthouse

    Sometimes it's the little things that count - do your guests have somewhere to put their clothing in a common shower area? Tons of ideas to make your guesthouse more comfortable!

  • City vs. rural vs. beach vs. mountain guesthouses

    There are major differences between these types of guesthouses and each of them have their own short section.

If you are thinking of starting a guesthouse and want to get inside the head of a western traveller and understand what they are looking for - get this book!.
Edward Constantine
Edward Constantine
CEO of Novaquantum
I've travelled all over the world and stayed at many places. This book is exactly what guesthouse owners in developing countries need! I really enjoyed the travel stories in the book, too!
Liz Stephenson
Liz Stephenson
World traveler and teacher
Packed with practical, well explained and easy to follow ideas - this will improve your guesthouse and your guests will be very happy!
Cheng Khim Cheah
Cheng Khim Cheah
Marketing Director
eBook-Run a Guesthouse

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A word from the Author

Fifteen years ago I started to travel and see the world. I've travelled to more than 30 countries and stayed at over 300 guesthouses...some amazing and many...disappointing. The disappointing places don't tend to last long in this age of online reviews - which is sad, because many of the owners are great people - they just need some tips on how to met the expectations of travellers, especially visitors from developed countries. I want to help these owners and future owners by sharing my ideas on how to run a succesful guesthouse.

While researching the existing books and ebooks I noticed that not even one is dedicated to actual practical advice for people located in a developing country. There are plenty of books that deal with how to open a bed and breakfast in the UK, what permits you need for a Hostel in Canada..etc

How do you find out what you need to be successful in Nepal or in Indonesia, Peru or Guatemala? Of course, specifics about each country are imposssible to capture in a quick guide like this one, but by organizing tips into certain categories I believe that most of the situations you could encounter have been touched upon.

How to run a guesthouse
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